Family Law

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At the Law Offices of Miles Rich, we consider ourselves to be true partners with our clients and their families, looking out for their legal needs in every way. We value the trust and confidence. Since 1995, our clients have placed their trust in us to represent their families' best interests. At our firm, we are committed to providing personal service to each client. When you call on us, you speak directly with your attorney, not to a paralegal or other staff member.

Settlement and Mediation

It is usually desirable to settle a family law dispute outside of court rather than litigating it. Decisions a mother and father make themselves, with the help of counsel, or usually superior to those made by a judge. In most counties today, litigants in a divorce, or other family law dispute, especially if children are involved, are ordered to use mediation to attempt to reach a settlement, before the case is set for trial.

Mediation is a process where an intermediary, an independent third party, works with both sides to reach a settlement. The mediator facilitates settlement; the mediator does not decide anything. Mediators are often attorneys, and Miles W. Rich believes that the best domestic mediators are those who are attorneys and have a fairly good deal of experience in domestic relations law. In Fulton and DeKalb Counties, a limited amount of mediation is provided by the Court at no charge. In most other counties, the parties must pay for the mediation, and usually, each party pays 50% of the costs. Court appointed mediators charge around $200.00-$300.00 per hour. Of course, parties are always free to agree and pick their own mediator.

Since 1995, The Law Offices of Miles W. Rich, has provided comprehensive legal representation for people throughout Georgia who were struggling with family law issues, such as:

Show Me the Money

Dual knowledge of complex financial and legal matters distinguishes attorney Miles W. Rich as a uniquely qualified family law attorney. With a master's degree in business administration and in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance, attorney Miles W. Rich has become well-known for his ability to efficiently identify errors made by people who have under reported their income as part of divorce and/or child support proceedings. This ability to evaluate information and establish, confirm or correct a monetary figure can be invaluable when cases involve parties who are self-employed or seasonally employed or who have family businesses and/or professional licenses.


Petitions for Contempt or Motions for Contempt are filed when one of the parties fails and refuses to follow a Domestic Relations Court Order, or Final Decree and Judgment of Divorce. Examples are the failure to pay child support, the failure to pay alimony, the refusal to allow visitation, the failure to pay a court ordered property settlement. Contempt Actions are usually required to be tried within 60 days of filing.

Why Choose Us?

The law firm of Miles W. Rich is dedicated to serving its clients, and gaining for them a reasonable result in their family law case. Mr. Rich does not believe in filling his clients with unreasonable expectations. On the other hand, if the opponent is unreasonable, and refuses to settle the case on a fair and equitable basis, then Mr. Rich believes in giving his clients their day in court. When a case is tried, there are no guarantees. Some say it is difficult to find justice in a court house. However, there are two classifications of people that are always found there, WINNERS AND LOSERS. Mr. Rich's clients are usually the winners, and not the losers, because of his grasp of the facts, the process and the law.